The design process I use differs from project to another based on the project complexity, deadlines and the available resources. This is an example from a project called Maystro Delivery where I spent significant time perfecting each step of the design process.

🔍 1. Discover and Define

Maystro Delivery is a startup logistics platform for e-commerce stores, They manage the warehousing, packaging and deliveries of orders for their clients.

I joined this company with the challenge to build the most optimized user experience for the stores, clients and the warehouses agents to help the company expand quickly into new regions.

1.1. Research

One of my first goals was to get a good understanding about the essence of the product, its industry, competitors, who are the main users and their pain points (problems), as well as the main tasks of the product.

Stakeholders interviews and product audit

I did this by organizing multiple interviews with the company stakeholders and currents users and even by going through the whole process flow from creating the order and adding the details, getting the product from the warehouse until the delivery to the final client who purchased it